May 24,2017
By Dr. Rezan Fahrioglu Yamaci

Metastasis is the spread of cancer from a primary (original) tumor to a new site in the body, and it is the major cause of all cancer-related deaths.  Metastasis occurs in multiple steps including but not limited to the escape of cancer cells from the primary tumor, entry into the blood stream or lymph system to travel throughout the body, survival in the fast-moving blood or lymph circulation, entry into new sites or organs, survival in the new site, and colonization of the new site.  Metastatic colonization is the term given to the ability of cancer cells to

May 23,2017
Katherine Bankaitis

The Early Career Leadership Council (ECLC) of the MRS is happy to announce a free international professional development webinar titled "Academia Vs Industry - Finding the Right Career Path" by Dr. Vladimir Kirkin.  This webinar is open to the first 100 registrants, but will be recorded and posted for the convenience of MRS members under our "members only" tab.  Not an MRS member?

March 12,2017
Emanuela Fina PhD

Many types of cancer are capable of spreading or metastasizing to the brain including lung, breast, melanoma and colorectal cancer. There is no cure for metastatic cancer of any type, but treating brain metastasis poses unique challenges.

In two recent review articles, President-Elect of the Metastasis Research Society, Dr. Dihua Yu, and colleagues discuss what is currently known about the complex biology of brain metastasis and which therapies or strategies are most promising.

March 12,2017
Katherine Bankaitis PhD

Implementation Committee of the Beau Biden Cancer Moonshot in the U.S.  The goal of the Moonshot effort is to make a decade's worth of progress in cancer research in just 5 years.  The initiative is a collaborative effort between researchers, clinicians, and patient advocates.


March 12,2017
Katherine Bankaitis PhD

Young (age 15-45) women living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) face unique challenges and deserve high quality support to feel prepared and confident in making informed treatment and life choices.